Growing Up in A Brace

Growing Up in a Brace

Notes of My Scoliosis

Photo by Jyrki Luukkonen

Thoughts about treatment

Read how Kaisa saw different aspects of the treatment during the years. She wrote a blog about the topic for Spinal Technology Inc. “The beginning of my treatment was bumpy, and my spine curvature kept on increasing despite the brace. It started straightening only when I adopted a brace mix of an overcorrecting Providence brace…

Growing Up in a Brace is published!

After almost two years of translating old texts and writing new ones, we are ready! The English translation of our book Growing Up in a Brace is now available on major online bookstores, like Amazon (US, FR & DE) and in Finland. The book can also be bought directly from us. The price is…

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Contacts and book orders

Marja Heinonen,
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